I am fond of so many things and I want to talk about all of them through my blog. Most of my interests evolve around music, images, film, advertising and video gaming. The posts that you will find in my website are all going to be connected to these topics that I enjoy talking about. I think that my interests are all connected anyway so it won’t be so hard to talk about them. I really like being updated about topics that involve any of the topics that I like because I don’t get bored talking about them.

Meeting the readers of this blog is one of my main objectives. That’s why I want to talk to all of you through the comments section because we might share some common opinions about certain topics. If you are a gamer, I expect to exchange games and receive game suggestions for you—I’ll do the same thing. If you are a film buff, I want to know about the upcoming movies that interest you and what you’ve found interesting so far. Music advocates can also tell me about new songs and albums that are already out and maybe I can download them on my computer.

Lastly, I want you to know that I am just a normal person who would like to post his thoughts and opinions about interesting topics on the internet. I don’t claim my opinions to be all true but they are based on my experience and what I see from day to day.