Common Challenges to Starting a Healthy Lifestyle

problemsA lot of people like to stay fit and healthy. But most of the time, it’s very hard to put into reality something that you imagined. I mean, let’s face it. Wanting to live a healthy lifestyle isn’t as easy as how most health bloggers suggest. It’s not as simple as cleaning out your kitchen for unhealthy food and waking up the next day to find it enjoyable to eat green leafy vegetables in replacement to your usual oily eggs and bacon for breakfast.

Here are some of the things I find really difficult when attempting to get into a healthy lifestyle.

It’s expensive.

A change in lifestyle isn’t cheap. Opting for healthier meals in replacement to the cheap, instant and unhealthy food we’ve come to get used to is hard. You’ve been buying a cup of noodles or a box of Mac and Cheese for the a fourth of the price of a decent meal cooked with vegetables and meat. Switching from full fat milk to zero fat milk doesn’t seem to affect anything, but in reality, zero fat milk is more expensive. Milk is just one thing, consider other foods that should be replaced with zero fat.

It takes time.

Healthy food takes time to get used to. Imagine removing sugar in your diet, or minimizing your sugar intake. I mean, sure. The benefits of taking less sugar are so profound, I’m not even sure why we started taking too much of it in the first place. But, it’s an acquired taste. Drinking tea without sugar can take some time to get used to if you’ve been drinking it with a lot of sugar before. Replacing it with healthier options makes it a challenge to get healthy. Why? Because sugar is more easily available than most healthy options.

We are embarrassed.

I’m not sure if this applies to everyone. But, when I go to the gym, I see people who know what they’re doing. Being a newbie in the gym can be so embarrassing. You have no idea what equipment to use. You have no idea what to do first. Of course, that is the use of a trainer. Getting one adds to your expenses. A good suggestion of a friend however is to set up your own home gym. Getting equipment, though expensive, can be a good investment. I’ve read a few pages of review sites to get an idea of what I should spend on and I’m considering the treadmill or the elliptical.

The treadmill seems to be more practical considering I don’t need special instructions to run. But in any case, here’s the link to a very resourceful site., read on and find what works for you.

As for the ellipticals, I’m not so thrilled about it but if you’re interested, here’s the page and more to come soon! As soon as I figure out how to start getting healthy.

A Blogger’s Guide to Mattress Shopping

blog.tribakBeing a blogger is no joke, there are a lot for you to address other than your writing, and if especially if you see yourself reading my blog, it requires a lot of fresh material to keep the blog up to date and relevant. That leaves little to no time for everything else. But when it comes to the point that you have to replace your mattress, knowing that blogging is what you do, then there’s nowhere else to look but online. A place that makes everything much easier for a lot of us, here are some tips that you can follow before getting a new mattress.

Research online. Researching applies not just to buying the right mattress but everything else. Knowing what you are up against can be a huge advantage and will help you make the right choice. The internet is full of information that almost all information about anything can be found in it if you know where to look.

Talk to your physician first. Especially if you’re feeling sore and aching all-over when you wake up. This might spell a condition in your body and remember doctors aren’t sleep experts, but they can check if you have a condition that may not be related to your bed after all.

Firm mattresses aren’t always best. Think twice or thrice before buying that firm mattress, research suggests that the mattress for back pain is a medium firm mattress rather than the highly firm ones. There’s a difference between the two. You will want a type of ‘firmness’ that still feels comfortable. Remember, comfort is based on personal preference.

Ask about their money-back guarantees. If you are eyeing a memory foam mattress but still not sure if they’re the ones for you, you might want to consider Tempupedic brand since they over a 30-day money-back guarantee. If the mattress doesn’t perform the way you want it to, you’ll probably want to send it back, and they’ll take it. No problem. Other makers do offer these kinds of deals too, and not only for memory foams, also for spring, latex mattresses etc.

Check warranty. A good mattress should provide you atleast a minimum of 8-10 year full-replacement or non-prorated warranty. That just adds more confidence to their product and will help you keep your mind at ease.

Test the mattress. When trying to shop for a mattress, you can go to a department store and actually lie on the mattress itself. Don’t be shy, that’s a common mistake for other consumers that they are hesitant to actually try the mattress out. Lie on the mattress for 10 to 15 minutes, in fact, salespeople are actually expecting this because they know it’s a big purchase that you are trying to do. You are not going to get a real feel for the mattress until you have lied on the bed for more than 10 minutes.

Shop at a store that are mattress specialists. Obviously you should trust the seller that has more experience and have more training and knowledge of the product and the whole subject of sleeping. Try to look for a store that carries the major brands like Sealy, Tempurpedic and Simmons. or basically trusted brands for mattresses. Also, check out memory foams and find out if it’s something you might want.

How to Win a Wedding Photography Award

tribakJust like every artist out there, it is photographer’s dream to win an award for their works and to be recognized as one of the best in their fields. There are numerous awards that are dedicated to those who love photography and they are also divided to different categories. Since they are most in demand, it’s time to focus on wedding photographers and give them some tips on how they can bag these awards.

Read and follow the contest guidelines.

It may seem basic but most of the judges are sticking to this because this is how they rate the pictures that are handed to them. It is important to know all of the competition rules before entering or submitting your works to be judged. You also need to take note and follow the right format, resolution and size according to the guidelines.

Research about the type of contest you want to enter.

You have to know which images will work on your favor for the type of competition that you want to enter. For example, photojournalism contests will require honest and rough images for their entries. You can try to find out about the theme of the contest that you want to join and base your entries accordingly. You might also want to look into the past winners of the contest and learn a thing or two from them.  It’s also important to choose the correct category where you are going to place your entry. You can ask people what they think is the best category for your photos to increase your chance of winning.

Go for images that stand out.

You need to think like a judge and expect to see thousands of wedding images and what do you think will catch their attention? If you have an image in mind, use that as your entry. You also need to make sure that you are all about technical perfection. Make sure that you have the correct lighting and if it’s relevant to the photo that you are submitting. Ask yourself if the composition of the picture is all good and if the background is clear from any distractions.

Ask your peers about what they think of your chosen entry.

You need to ask people to look at your choices for your entry and give their opinions about them. This way, they can help you decide to choose a final entry that you will submit for judging. Since they are your friends, it should be easy to ask them why their reacted the way they did or how they feel about the image that you just showed them. They might not be professional judges but they can help you point out the things that you might have missed when it comes to your potential entries.

Be organized.

Make sure that after every shoot and editing of your works, you select your most favorite shots and put them in a different folder in your computer. This will be in your favor when it’s time to enter a wedding photography contest and you want to review your best works.

Why Gamers Want to Play in Air Conditioned Rooms

Video games are everywhere and everyone is getting hooked on playing them. There are plenty of different consoles to choose from and many games waiting to be played. Most gamers are very particular with the environment that they want to set for their everyday gaming experience but air conditioners top the list. Of course, a comfy couch and a few other essentials are also found in the list but without air conditioning, things just aren’t the same. There are plenty of reasons why a gaming room needs to be air conditioned, here are a few of them.


Avid gamers can spend up to 24 hours a day playing games (yes, without sleep). Having an air conditioned room helps them feel more relaxed and comfortable through the long hours of solving a puzzle or going on an adventure through a game. There are also games that include having to go to war; you might snap if you’re opponent is beating you and you are staying in a hot room. For some reason, gamers who are engaged in playing complicated games are less stressed when they are in a room with proper ventilation.

Protecting your Investment

Video consoles nowadays are so expensive that you have to have a job to buy them. They can range from USD 300 to USD 500 and can be considered as an investment. That being said, consoles work better in cool places and are sure to last longer if they maintain a cool temperature. Since gamers spend many hours in playing, game consoles can easily be damaged due to overheating. Air conditioners prevent this from happening by providing a cool temperature within the whole room. There are companies who also recommend playing in an air conditioned room for their products to last longer.

Invite Friends Over

While it’s true that your friends will still come over even if you just have a stand up fan, they would want to come over more if you have an air conditioned gaming room. There is just something about air conditioned rooms that make hanging out even better. Think summer days when your nerdy self doesn’t want to have anything to do with the beach but you and your friends are going to play the latest games. Air conditioned rooms will help you and your friends finish it in no time. Have food delivered, grab some beers and you’re never getting out of that room.

Can Double as a Bedroom

Since you will spend most of your days in the gaming room, why not double it as your bedroom? You can get a bed that transforms into a couch that you can use when you’re playing games. You are probably going to fall asleep while playing a game, so don’t worry about having to get up and go to another room to sleep. Gaming areas are a good place to crash and air conditioners will make your rest even better so you can wake up to another day of hardcore, full time gaming. If not, you can consider buying a portable air conditioner which you can transfer from room to room as needed.

Laser Hair Removal for Flawless Images

Everything is on high definition nowadays and this includes the images that we see everyday.  From billboards, magazine features and the internet, we encounter plenty of high definition images. Most of these images feature models that seem to have flawless skin and take perfect pictures. While most people might say that those kinds of pictures went through editing, you still cannot deny that if you have real flawless skin, you will look better in photos. A good way to achieve real, flawless skin is to remove unwanted hair in different areas of the body.

There are plenty of options that you can choose from when it comes to hair removal. The most commonly used methods are shaving, waxing and plucking. However, there is another option that promises better results and longer lasting. Laser hair removal treatment is gaining popularity when it comes to hair removal because of its efficiency and being cost efficient.

What is Laser Hair Removal Treatment?

Laser hair removal procedures use beams of concentrated light that can penetrate the skin and are absorbed by the hair follicles to destroy the root of the hair. There are different types of lasers and light that can be used for laser hair removal treatment. Each machine is used for different skin tones and hair color. The best type of skin for this kind of procedure is those with fair skin and dark hair because the dark hair color makes it easier for the laser to be absorbed by the pigments of the dark colored hair.

Who Can Administer The Treatments?

There are certified laser technicians that went through training so they can work for spas and clinics that offer Laser Hair Removal treatments. It is advised by the manufacturers themselves to let a certified technician administer your treatments to avoid burns and scars. However, there are laser hair removal products that can be used at home for people who want don’t have the time to go to spas and clinics. These products use the same exact technology and people who want to use them need to know the right procedures as well as the safety procedures. The good news is that most manufacturers of these products offer 24/7 customer service for your every concern.

Why Choose Laser Hair Removal?

It’s true that laser hair removal treatments can cost more than the more common methods of hair removal. Each treatment can range from $1 to $300 depending on the clinic of choice. However, it’s very cost effective because you don’t need to worry about the hair growing back in just a few days. With Laser Hair Removal treatments, it takes longer for the hair to grow back. Some people say it even takes them months to grow the hair that they’ve removed.  Overtime, all expenses from waxing and shaving can prove to be more expensive than paying for Laser Hair Removal treatments.

What are the Side Effects?

Just like any kind of treatment, there might be some skin irritation due to the treatment as the laser touching the skin. Some patients report burns, itchiness and redness.

The Kind of Gun Safe Dante would Use

Dante is a character and protagonist of the game series Devil May cry published and created by Capcom. In the first four installments of the game, Dante’s character acts like a mercenary, investigator and a vigilante who hunts demons and pledge to exterminate them as well as other evil supernatural creatures. This quest is his way of revenge for the death of his mother and his brother’s corruption. His superhuman powers come from his father Sparda who is a demon with great powers. He uses his skills along with his many weapons for his quest.

Dante is one of the most popular characters in the world of gaming and he has been recognized for his role in Devil May Cry and many other crossover games. His character has also been cosplayed so many times as the stylish, cool man who carries a lot of weapons and slaughters every demon in sight.

If Dante is a real person and he owns a lot of guns, it’s also ideal that he has a gun safe. There are many kick ass gun safes with top quality that Dante might like to store his prized possessions in. Since he is a heavy gun user, he may need a big multi layer gun safe that can fit all of his guns and ammunitions. Here are some of the gun safe manufacturers that Dante might consider taking a look at when shopping for the best Gun Safe.


Gunvault has been adhering to the best and latest technology with all of their products. They make quality, reliable and fair priced gun safes. They have a variety of different types and sizes of gun safes available for the customer’s needs. Gunvault has been around for more than 20 years and has already secured their name when it comes to gun safe production. If you are also looking for the latest and best technology, they will not fail to deliver with a lot of patented technologies under their name.


This company was created for a family more than 80 years and was the first brand to have their safes fireproof. Sentrysafe now caters to more than 50 countries in the world with more than just gun safes for their products. Because SentrySafes have plenty of features, designs and locking methods to choose from as well as having top of the line products, it will make Dante happy to hide all of his prized possessions inside.

Stack on

The products made by this manufacturer are very easy to use, fire proof and is approved by the Department of Justice, California. Since it’s a fairly new company; they do not rely on their brand name as much and would like to prove their worth by making top quality precuts that meets every customer’s needs. Stack on makes sure that they are practicing innovation when it comes to their products. By doing this, they don’t only meet the needs of the customers but also give them their demands of what they want their gun safes to be.

How to Shoot A Crossbow Like Daryl Dixon

crossbow 313Daryl Dixon is a character from the popular television series called “The Walking Dead.” This series is based on a comic book of the same name and his character was created by the comic book writers; Frank Darabont, Charles H. Eglee and Jack LoGiudice and is played on screen by Norman Reedus. Dixon’s character was first known as an expert tracker from the south that is living in the shadow of his brother Merle. Although he is quick to anger and is ill tempered, the core group of survivors keeps him because of his skills in animal hunting and killing zombies.

Daryl Dixon is known for being efficient in killing zombies and this will not be possible without his weapon of choice, the crossbow. If you want to learn how to shoot like him, there are plenty of tips that you need to know first. Here are some of them.

Buy the Best You Can Afford

There is a huge different between a cheap, bargained crossbow and a top quality crossbow model. The cheap model will save you a lot of money, yes, but it will not be as well built, accurate and dependable as the top of the line model. You will find that these bargained crossbows will just fail you in the end. There are packages available for beginner crossbow archers. These packages already include everything you need to shoot ad hunt properly. They’ve also included everything that you need for your shooting experience including the crossbow, some arrows, arrow points, a scope sight, cocking device and a quiver. The price on these packages can range from $800 to $2000.

Although it’s a bit pricey, you are sure to have a top quality bow that will give you the best shooting and hunting experience.

Use Enough Draw Weight

There is now a minimum and regulatory draw weight for crossbows but it still differs from state to state. The overall range for crossbow draw weight is 75 to 125 pounds. Any crossbow that is found in this range can be used to efficiently kill a deer at a moderate range. If you want a crossbow that’s better for hunting, get one with a heavier draw weight of 150 to 200 pounds. The general rule is that the bigger the crossbow, the better—and faster.

Shoot a Fast Enough Arrow

All bow manufacturers are trying to push their bow’s speed up and when it comes to crossbows, you are able to do this by increasing your draw weight. That being said, the initial velocity of a crossbow should at least be 300 fps.  This kind of speed will give the arrows a good amount of kinetic energy so it can take down any big animal and reduce arrow trajectory when you’re in a longer range for a more accurate shot. Some crossbows are not pushing their speed to 400 fps so there is more room for improvement.

Use a Scope Sight

Most crossbows still use open sights but it will be better for you to use a scope sight because it will increase your accuracy. You can choose within 0 to 5x of magnification and it also allows for crosshair configuration. There are also multi reticle scopes that allow you to have 3 to 5 dots or a horizontal crosshair. TenPoint crossbows are made with a scope.

Recurve Bows that Hawkeye Will Buy

Hawkeye or Clint Barton is a superhero that often appears in different comic books that are published by Marvel Comics. This character was created by Stan Lee and Don Heck and was first made to appear as a villain but later on joined the Avengers. Jeremy Renners portray Hawkeye in the big screen or the Marvel Cinematic Universe—a place where Marvel comic books are being produced as movies. He first made a cameo as Hawkeye in Thor and then went on to make The Avengers. He is expected to return to his role for the third time in another movie installment for The Avengers.

Hawkeye’s main weapon is his recurve bow and he is very accurate and efficient. If he was to buy a new recurve bow, he will always look for the one with made with top quality material, a well developed technology and durability like the bows listed below.

Samick Sage Recurve Bow

The Samick Sage takedown Bow is a 62 inches long bow that is best for beginner archers. The length of this bow will help you build your shooting form and improve you shooting skills. The Samick Sage is also very popular because of its cheap price tag compared to other recurve bows. Another advantage is it being a takedown bow so you can take it apart when you need to store or transport it. For beginners, you can upgrade the limbs to a heavier pair as you get stronger and more efficient.

Martin Jaguar Takedown Bow

This is another top rated bow that is under the $200 dollar mark. The manufacturers gave their customers an added treat when buying this crossbow making it available in 2 colors—black and camo. A great feature of this bow is the aluminum riser that has vibration suppressors and a non slip grip. This feature reduces sound and increases your accuracy because there will be less movement when you release an arrow.

The Martin Jaguar weights 2.7 pounds and is 60 inches long for both ends. This type of recurve bow can be used for either shooting or hunting. Another advantage of the Jaguar is the smooth shooting motion and the comfort of shooting with it.

Martin Saber Recurve Bow

If you are not on a tight budget, you can choose the Martin Saber for a better experience in archery by using more powerful and feature filled bows. The Martin Saber is a much better version of the Martin Jaguar with a longer bow length of 64” making it one of the longest recurve bows. Although it takes a lot of time to get used to holding the bow, it also provides for a more consistent shooting and lets some of your stance and form flaws slide giving you better accuracy.

The Martin Saber is also heavier at 3.4 pounds but can still be used by beginners to intermediate archers. The best thing about the Martin Saber is its versatility because it can be used for target shooting to formal targets as well as hunting.

The Right Compound Bows for Abigail Whistler

Abigail Whistler is the daughter of vampire hunter Abraham Whistler making her aware of the existence of vampires since childhood. Abigail is a member of the Nightstalkers with Hannibal King as their leader. After Abigail’s father died and Blade went to jail, she and Hannibal went to his rescue and asked him to join their team to destroy the resurrected Dracula.

Abigail is an expert in combat and is trained for many types of battles and situations. However, her main weapon is her compound bow which she loads with arrows with silver heads to destroy vampires. If Abigail were to need a compound bow to use for some vampire killing, here are the best compound bow choices for her.

Bear Archery Products

Bear Archery has come up with a new and better series called the Agenda series. The Agenda 6 (6 inch height) and Agenda 7 (7 inch height) have speeds of 350 and 340 fps. Both have a maneuverable length of 32 inches from axle to axle, both models feature Bear’s latest Hinge Guard cable containment system that promises to minimize bow torque.  Both models also have Max preload quad limbs, peak draw weight ranging from 50 to 70 pounds with a let off of 75 percent. Bear’s hybrid cam system features a rotating module for easier draw length adjustments without needing to have a bow press.

Bowtech Archery

Bowtech also unveiled their flagship bow that is made of carbon. The Carbon overdrive has a speed of 342 fps and is possibly the most light weight hunting bow in the market today with a weight of 3.3 pounds.  It has a 6.5 inch brace height and a smoother draw cycle and tunability thanks to the overdrive binary cam system.  It also has the FLX Guard in its carbon riser for minimized torque. This bow assures that your hands won’t get cold even in the lowest temperatures. Another great bow by Bowtech is the RPM 360 which is a pure power bow with a 5 inch brace height and aluminum riser. As the name suggests, the bow has a speed of 360 fps.

Elite Archery

Elite archery boasts its new Energy 35 as their best hunting bow so far. The Energy 35 is an all around bow that offers tournament caliber accuracy without the length of tournament bows for better maneuverability. This amazing bow has a speed of 335 fps and packs a new Riser Cage technology above its grip for increased riser strength by 30 percent without the added weight for a decreased vibration and shock when shooting. Elite also did not forget about women with the Spirit model posing as the first women’s bow. This model is easy to pull, has a smaller frame and weighs 3.9 pounds. It also has a smaller grip as well as riser and is powered by its two track binary cam system. The two track binary cam system works for the string and for the cables to maximize energy and minimize the recoil and vibration. It has a 7 inch brace height as well as Elite’s new Riser Cage.