How to Win a Wedding Photography Award

tribakJust like every artist out there, it is photographer’s dream to win an award for their works and to be recognized as one of the best in their fields. There are numerous awards that are dedicated to those who love photography and they are also divided to different categories. Since they are most in demand, it’s time to focus on wedding photographers and give them some tips on how they can bag these awards.

Read and follow the contest guidelines.

It may seem basic but most of the judges are sticking to this because this is how they rate the pictures that are handed to them. It is important to know all of the competition rules before entering or submitting your works to be judged. You also need to take note and follow the right format, resolution and size according to the guidelines.

Research about the type of contest you want to enter.

You have to know which images will work on your favor for the type of competition that you want to enter. For example, photojournalism contests will require honest and rough images for their entries. You can try to find out about the theme of the contest that you want to join and base your entries accordingly. You might also want to look into the past winners of the contest and learn a thing or two from them.  It’s also important to choose the correct category where you are going to place your entry. You can ask people what they think is the best category for your photos to increase your chance of winning.

Go for images that stand out.

You need to think like a judge and expect to see thousands of wedding images and what do you think will catch their attention? If you have an image in mind, use that as your entry. You also need to make sure that you are all about technical perfection. Make sure that you have the correct lighting and if it’s relevant to the photo that you are submitting. Ask yourself if the composition of the picture is all good and if the background is clear from any distractions.

Ask your peers about what they think of your chosen entry.

You need to ask people to look at your choices for your entry and give their opinions about them. This way, they can help you decide to choose a final entry that you will submit for judging. Since they are your friends, it should be easy to ask them why their reacted the way they did or how they feel about the image that you just showed them. They might not be professional judges but they can help you point out the things that you might have missed when it comes to your potential entries.

Be organized.

Make sure that after every shoot and editing of your works, you select your most favorite shots and put them in a different folder in your computer. This will be in your favor when it’s time to enter a wedding photography contest and you want to review your best works.