The Kind of Gun Safe Dante would Use

Dante is a character and protagonist of the game series Devil May cry published and created by Capcom. In the first four installments of the game, Dante’s character acts like a mercenary, investigator and a vigilante who hunts demons and pledge to exterminate them as well as other evil supernatural creatures. This quest is his way of revenge for the death of his mother and his brother’s corruption. His superhuman powers come from his father Sparda who is a demon with great powers. He uses his skills along with his many weapons for his quest.

Dante is one of the most popular characters in the world of gaming and he has been recognized for his role in Devil May Cry and many other crossover games. His character has also been cosplayed so many times as the stylish, cool man who carries a lot of weapons and slaughters every demon in sight.

If Dante is a real person and he owns a lot of guns, it’s also ideal that he has a gun safe. There are many kick ass gun safes with top quality that Dante might like to store his prized possessions in. Since he is a heavy gun user, he may need a big multi layer gun safe that can fit all of his guns and ammunitions. Here are some of the gun safe manufacturers that Dante might consider taking a look at when shopping for the best Gun Safe.


Gunvault has been adhering to the best and latest technology with all of their products. They make quality, reliable and fair priced gun safes. They have a variety of different types and sizes of gun safes available for the customer’s needs. Gunvault has been around for more than 20 years and has already secured their name when it comes to gun safe production. If you are also looking for the latest and best technology, they will not fail to deliver with a lot of patented technologies under their name.


This company was created for a family more than 80 years and was the first brand to have their safes fireproof. Sentrysafe now caters to more than 50 countries in the world with more than just gun safes for their products. Because SentrySafes have plenty of features, designs and locking methods to choose from as well as having top of the line products, it will make Dante happy to hide all of his prized possessions inside.

Stack on

The products made by this manufacturer are very easy to use, fire proof and is approved by the Department of Justice, California. Since it’s a fairly new company; they do not rely on their brand name as much and would like to prove their worth by making top quality precuts that meets every customer’s needs. Stack on makes sure that they are practicing innovation when it comes to their products. By doing this, they don’t only meet the needs of the customers but also give them their demands of what they want their gun safes to be.