Why Gamers Want to Play in Air Conditioned Rooms

Video games are everywhere and everyone is getting hooked on playing them. There are plenty of different consoles to choose from and many games waiting to be played. Most gamers are very particular with the environment that they want to set for their everyday gaming experience but air conditioners top the list. Of course, a comfy couch and a few other essentials are also found in the list but without air conditioning, things just aren’t the same. There are plenty of reasons why a gaming room needs to be air conditioned, here are a few of them.


Avid gamers can spend up to 24 hours a day playing games (yes, without sleep). Having an air conditioned room helps them feel more relaxed and comfortable through the long hours of solving a puzzle or going on an adventure through a game. There are also games that include having to go to war; you might snap if you’re opponent is beating you and you are staying in a hot room. For some reason, gamers who are engaged in playing complicated games are less stressed when they are in a room with proper ventilation.

Protecting your Investment

Video consoles nowadays are so expensive that you have to have a job to buy them. They can range from USD 300 to USD 500 and can be considered as an investment. That being said, consoles work better in cool places and are sure to last longer if they maintain a cool temperature. Since gamers spend many hours in playing, game consoles can easily be damaged due to overheating. Air conditioners prevent this from happening by providing a cool temperature within the whole room. There are companies who also recommend playing in an air conditioned room for their products to last longer.

Invite Friends Over

While it’s true that your friends will still come over even if you just have a stand up fan, they would want to come over more if you have an air conditioned gaming room. There is just something about air conditioned rooms that make hanging out even better. Think summer days when your nerdy self doesn’t want to have anything to do with the beach but you and your friends are going to play the latest games. Air conditioned rooms will help you and your friends finish it in no time. Have food delivered, grab some beers and you’re never getting out of that room.

Can Double as a Bedroom

Since you will spend most of your days in the gaming room, why not double it as your bedroom? You can get a bed that transforms into a couch that you can use when you’re playing games. You are probably going to fall asleep while playing a game, so don’t worry about having to get up and go to another room to sleep. Gaming areas are a good place to crash and air conditioners will make your rest even better so you can wake up to another day of hardcore, full time gaming. If not, you can consider buying a portable air conditioner which you can transfer from room to room as needed.